Lucifer Lighting is proud to manufacture downlights using LED modules engineered by Xicato. Designed first and foremost for exceptional quality of lighting, and reliability, the technology has established new standards for initial and sustained quality of light over time. This module offers unmatched color stability and uniformity with its Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® allowing us to offer the industry's first 5 year warranty on color consistency.

Color Temperature Consistency and Maintenance
1 x 2 step SDCM color consistency ensures incredibly uniform color performance between luminaires. This plot shows the individual color temperatures as tested from a typical production sample of our LEDs.


Color Rendering Maintenance
Our LEDs hold color temperature consistency and CRI longer than typical LEDs. This chart shows how six LED modules maintained original color temperature and consistency over life. 6,000 hours of lab data demonstrates their stability.

Lumen Maintenance
The luminous flux (light output) of LEDs change over their
lifespan. The chart below shows over 8,000 hours of test data and extrapolates significantly more than 70% lumen maintenance over the 50,000 hour rated life.

LED downlights' modular construction allows field replacement of the LED module/heat sink assembly and is typically accomplished by loosening or removing just  two fasteners.

Color Rendering Index
Our LED technology offers superior color rendition. A standard 80+ CRI offers the quality typically associated with the best HID or fluorescent sources. The 95+ CRI Artist Series is optimized to be on par with halogen lamps for more saturated reds and skin tones, and for lighting art works, wood surfaces and textiles to highlight depth and tonality.


Color Uniformity
Our LED modules are each color corrected for very tight color point uniformity with a 1 x 2 MacAdam ellipse tolerance (about +/- 50K). This is the tightest consistency in the industry and the minimum point at which the human eye can detect a change in color. We do not use batch-made LED modules that are “binned" together according to generally shared characteristics, as is typical in the industry.


2 Step MacAdam Ellipse (2 SDCM*)
The deviation shown is considered indistinguishable.

4 Step MacAdam Ellipse (4 SDCM*)
The deviation shown is considered industry best.

7 Step MacAdam Ellipse (7 SDCM*)
The deviation shown is considered ANSI/NEMA standard.

*Standard Deviation Color Matching