Lucifer Lighting's new 2 Series Downlight Family is a highly engineered evolution of, and replaces completely, the Z Series range. Everything you've come to appreciate and expect from Z Series downlights has been improved upon with the 2 Series.
From ease of installation to accessing room side adjustment, from reducing overall luminaire height/ depth to making the product much easier to specify. We know you'll love the new 2 Series! Download a PDF version of this page here.

General Mounting
The 2 Series is based around a new and improved mounting system, developed to provide greater control over job-site installation conditions. 4 housing collars accommodate ceiling thicknesses from 1/2” (12mm) up to 3” (25mm), changeable from roomside even after housings are installed. Collar ceiling thickness is factory set for precision, but is easily fine-tuned in the field.

Ease of Use
Substantially larger, captive thumb screws secure the LED engine to the fixture body and allow for easy access to swap effects devices or change beam reflectors. The LED engine moves up and swings out, providing generous room to work.

Lensed wallwashers feature improved optics. Use of a special diffusion film instead of complex glass lensing provides substantially more delivered lumens (+59% for square, +49% for round). Special integrated kick reflectors bounce light smoothly to the wall/ ceiling line.

Remodel/ Flange Ovelay
Remodel installations are easier and utilize the same trim retention adaptor as a housing installation.

Fixture retention is provided by a new trim adaptor (required for every install) that ships with the downlight and is installed after the ceiling panel. The trim adaptor mates with the housing collar (or directly with the ceiling in remodel installations) and utilizes high performance ball-plungers to secure the fixture.
Independent laboratory testing confirms our ball-plunger retaining mechanism withstands elevator forces in excess of 1.5 G’s and earthquake Richter magnitude 8.

Accent Fixtures
All accent lights offer dual axis adjustment and are hot-aimable from below. Up to 45° tilt (depending on ceiling thickness) and 357° internal rotation mechanisms are concealed beneath removable faceplates (round and square), held by rare-earth magnets.
The unique faceplate system allows for wet location versions of each model that retain hot-aimability.

Accent lights feature a spring-loaded tilt mechanism that allows the fixture to be easily installed and removed through the ceiling opening after tilt is set. Benching is aided by a marked degree scale. A standard Allen Key is used to set adjustment, and icons are provided to show where the tool engages.

Heat-Sink Dimensions
A new heat-sink design reduces overall fixture heights for standard configurations. Options remain for even shorter SH heat-sinks (when required) that can reduce fixture height by up to .75” (19mm) depending on model.
(-SH is the suffix applied to the end of a downlight model number to specify shorter heat-sink.)


Model Number Logic

2 Series model numbers are more intrinsic, with direct correlation between model number characters and the type of fixture. All numbers begin with 2 for nominal 2" (50mm) aperture.