All products shipped in 100% recycled-content packaging.
• Raw materials shipped in reusable packaging.
• Supplier packaging is recycled.
• Scrap metal from machine shop is recycled.
• Solar panels produce between 5% and 10% of energy used.
• 8% of energy needs are met with wind energy.
• Products designed for use with automatic-shut-off
and photo sensors that reduce energy usage.


• All shipping boxes are made with post-consumer recycled content.
• Printed materials are transitioning to post-consumer recycled content papers.
• Ceiling fans in factory help maintain air temperature and reduce heating requirements.
• Coatings applied to products do not create chemical waste.
• Products designed for efficient assembly to reduce energy usage.
• Headquarters renovation is on target to meet more than 30 stringent criteria to attain
   LEED Silver Certification.